An innovative 4x4 tractor designed to perform in all types of terrain, especially peat, soft, wet soils and hilly conditions. Suitable for hauling trailers (towing capacity of 600 kg), Spreading, Spraying, Ploughing and Harvesting.  Equipped with a small, but powerful 11hp Yanmar Diesel Engine. High torque with low fuel consumption. Strong, light weight chassis with flotation tires to reduce soil compaction. "Single" chassis with central oscillating pivot for ground stability in extreme conditions. 

Just 3,5 litres (1,6 gallons) of fuel per day is needed to run a Buffalo for 8 hours.

Only 0.84 kg/cm2 (12 psi) of soil compaction: one-third of a 30kW (40HP) tractor.

Buffalo is also very easy to drive and to manoeuvre (having a very basic control panel and high ergonomic drive position).

Our experts can assist YOU to find the right solution to overcome your operational issues and improve productivity, even in the absence of any existing mechanical solution. Please contact us and do not hesitate to choose Buffalo.