More than a simple

A good vehicle is much more than an engineering work. It must also be resistant, reliable and simplify your life, exactly the same adjectives that we use to describe our work.

Our project

The Erreppi Buffalo tractor, designed to perform in all types of terrain, while respectful of the environment, provides innovative solutions, especially where high power is redundant and versatility is a must. The continuous development of tractors and implements is bringing us to create various kits in order to satisfy particular conditions. 

Our customers

Erreppi's Buffalo tractor is able to satisfy any difficult working condition. We are specialised in harvesting fruits, where the standard tractor can't work properly. In the years we adapted our chassis to the various conditions that our beloved customers subjected us. Our plus is flexibility connected even to small numbers. Buffalo: where the standard tractor can't!

Our value

We are based in the Province of Umbria in central Italy. The factory occupies 5800m2. A further 7000m2 is available for future expansion. Erreppi also owns a steel fabricating company for the manufacture of precision steel products. The company's mission is to further expand its exports world-wide and this could include some technology transfer(s) to overcome importation difficulties.

Our mission

We created an innovative chassis, now its your time to ask us what we can do for you...

Our history

Founded in 1976 by the Proietti family with the objective to produce innovative agricultural machines.

Our motivation

Our job is our strength, the reason why we open our eyes every morning and we can't wait to start doing what we love, it is what drives us to get more and more from each new challenge.

Let's work together

We are looking forward to listen to your needs and to try to help you to find the right solution.